The weather is unseasonably warm already and the ticks and mosquitoes are out and hungry.  We have a very effective and inexpensive way to kill both, and also safe for children and pets.  It is a misting process that targets the likely habitats that will immediately kill ticks and mosquitoes.  Call for more information and for a price.

Pricing sheet

Just recently added to our website is our pricing guideline.  Estimate or measure your property to a rough square footage, and take a look to see what the cost will be.  When estimating, looking at the property from the window proves to not be terribly accurate.  Measure or at least pace of the lawn and see what our charge will be.  We do offer free visits to give you an accurate reading and can also discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.  Negotiating is not what we do.  The price is what it is and our focus is on caring for the lawn and providing you with fluid service.

Spring lawn thatching

Now is a great time to get the lawn thatched.  Right after the winter, and right before the crabgrass control and the growing season begins.  It helps the lawn get off to a healthy start by removing all the dead material that is choking the roots, and allowing the water and fertilizer nutrients to absorb into the soil easier.  Please call your technician to discuss pricing and to set up a visit.  Thanks,

Spring 2012!

It appears that this warm weather is going to last!  Even after a mild winter, it still is very nice to have spring here.  Our season is almost underway and you will be contacted shortly regarding the first round of treatments.  If you are web browsing and came across our website, please contact us and we will come out and meet with you on your property to discuss your lawn.  Our existing customers can expect to have their first application down within the next few weeks! 

There is always a chance for a late season storm, but it appears the winter is over!